Coffin Bay Twilight Event

Saturday Evening, 5th June last, saw Lincoln Orienteers assemble at the Coffin Bay Golf Club for the first ever Twilight Score Event at this magnificent venue.

The Course itself, which has all irrigated fairways, was in immaculate conditions, with all fairways being mowed the previous day.  It consists of predominantly gently rolling undulations with light to moderate natural scrub boundaries.

In daylight hours, this Course is a magnificent scene, incredibly beautiful and peaceful,  And the resident kangaroo population is extremely friendly, and often rather reluctant to get out of the way.

It is very unlikely Orienteers will ever run on such a beautiful open area, with virtually no underfoot impediments.

This particular Orienteering Event consisted of a maximum 25 Controls, with competitors required to visit as many Controls in random order within a maximum time constraint of 60 minutes.  The total points tally for visiting all Controls was 295.  All competitors  completed their individual courses within the one hour time limit.

Some 55 competitors took up the challenge, of which 27  visited every Control within their allotted one hour time frame.  It is suggested the distance covered to reach every Control to  have been some 3.60 kms.  If Controls had to be visited in ascending numerical order (as in normal “Cross Country” Events), the total distance would have been somewhere in the order of 6.90 kms.

Of Lincoln Orienteers, Alison Hoopman completed her course in an incredible 21 Minutes.  Phil Clem (LI) was second  (21.42 Minutes);.  Jason Munday (Saltbush Orienteers), third in  24.00 minutes:  Austin Clem (LI – 12 years old) next in 25.00 minutes.

It was most pleasing to welcome 10 members of Saltbush Orienteers to this event, as well as Marni Enright with her group of eight special young people.

Following the completion of their event, virtually all retired to the 34 Degrees South Restaurant at the Golf Clubhouse to partake of an incredible menu of magnificent cuisine.

Of considerable interest, this Restaurant Entrance was only some 25 metres from the Finish Banner of the Orienteering Course.

IMPECCABLE COURSE SETTING…………….  Cathryn & Warren Dickie.