Donington Results


Course Splits

There were 51 Orienteer’s who braved the wintery conditions to take part in one of six courses on offer, by first time course setter, Alison Hoopmann.

Showers came and went during the day but the sunshine popped out for lunch around the fire.

Results Overview
In the hard long course there were six competitors with Phil Clem achieving most of the best split leg times but David Winters was the overall winner finishing the 5.8km course in 54:47 minutes.

The 4.2km hard short course had three entrants with Meg Stevens recording the fastest time.

In the 3km hard X, there were five entrants with Graham McConnell recording the fastest time.

Sam Stevens flew around the 5.6km moderate long course in 46:28 minutes, which had six individual entrants and three groups entries. Bron Saint & Sue Bishop led the groups.

In the 3.3km moderate short course, with four individual entrants and five groups, Clint Aird recorded the fastest time in 32:13 minutes. Sue Ashman & Annette Kelson recorded the fastest group time.

The 2km easy course, had four group entries with the Frear’s family taking out both first and second place positions. Layla and her dad (Tim) completed the course in 15:25 minutes just ahead of her brother Duke with mum (Beck) completing the course in 16:59. Very close and quick times!
Archie and Matilda Aird also did a fantastic job with their grandmother Wendy on the easy course.

Our other juniors Sienna White and Austin Clem, while not completing their courses, outstandingly both again won half or more of the legs in their chosen courses.

Thank you to all who came out and took part, and also helped out on the day in the rainy weather.

Apart from Mike Stockdale and Beth Hammond having sailed over for the event, I’m sure the car wash was a popular place at the end of the day for the rest of us!!

We head back into the Lincoln National Park for the next event at Stamford Beach/ Surfleet Cove on 25th July.