Lincoln Cove Marina Results

About 42 participants enjoyed Friday evening’s event, exploring the streets and surrounds of the Lincoln Marina. It was a challenging long course, even more so for one competitor who arrived back late after finding the footbridge raised and having to make a long detour!!

Sienna White blitzed the field with an outstanding run, collecting all controls in 36 minutes! Phil Clem wasn’t too far behind, and the ever reliable Tim Ashman also achieved all controls in less than the allotted time of 45 minutes.

There were also several other notable achievements by juniors: Bella White collected 15 controls in 50 minutes and Jesse Young 14 controls in 43 minutes. Mim Stevens, helped mum Meg and Rachel Lukin collect 18 controls in 39 minutes, and the Reichstein and Williams boys along with Kane collected 15 controls in 45 minutes.

And some newcomers to orienteering this year, young Archer Williams did a great job helping his dad collect 14 controls in 42 minutes, and enthusiastic young orienteer Hudson Hunter helped his mum collect 9 controls in 41 minutes.

Please click on the link for full results: Results

Many thanks to course organisers Patrice Glass and Jan & Barry Hetherington.