gurra yarda Results

Almost 60 participants enjoyed the picturesque gurra yarda map at today’s orienteering event. It was great to see some new faces and families along.

For the first cross country event this year there was plenty of action:

Some teething issues with the software and printer caused some stressful moments for the course organiser but fortunately he managed to get things working by the time most finishers started arriving.

Chief gurra yarda mapper took a stumble on his course and ended up with a trip to hospital for some stitches in his knee! (Maybe he was too busy looking at the map instead of his feet!!) Mind you, he still finished the course in good time!! Hope you have a speedy recovery David.

Tim carried on his good form from the granite country at National Easter 3 day event by completing the hard long course in excellent time. This was a competitive class today with the next 4 finishers only separated by 3 minutes.

Click on the link for full Results.  Well done everyone!

Many thanks to all the landowners for allowing us to use their properties, and thanks to all helpers on the day!